About Us

Fo mountain south china sea the Li Fan aluminum industry limited company establish in 2000, is 1 be absorbed in hollow cut off a door, hallow and even open the door, Chu cabinet, transact a screen, Gao Get, aquatic animals box, electricity warm table etc. aluminum type the material gather development, produce, sale is integral whole of well-known business enterprise.The innovation is our souls, every year of company output profession 90% original product, guide profession current;Team is our pillar, the sale personnel of company be total 82 people, is that the profession be generally accepted mast fighting strength marketing troops;The service is our root, the company in times gone by take orders the service aim of "start to make out business, can bear responsibility a responsibility".

The company establish aver 16 years, 2010 May spend 26,000,0 00 investment establishment profession wardrobe pack"Jian3 Jia's aluminum industry" of the Fu aluminum material factory;2012 October spend 28,000,000 investment the smooth all new day oxidize factory;2013 March establish a profession unique independence marketing plan the organization"Li Chien operation department";2014 spend 32,000,000 establish to make to order a house to go together with "Li Jian3 Mu4 Ye4";2016 spend few ten millions again to establish to gather to squeeze, oxidize, spray, wood grain, crystal Yang as the all new aluminum factory of integral whole.

BE successively given to title of honors, such as"Furniture aluminum in China material one brand", "the supplier with excellent material of aluminum type in the Guangdong province" and"consumer satisfaction unit"... etc. by government and each profession association aver 16 years.

"Aluminum door aluminum material, because of I but at" is our missions;"Success fixed position, choice Li ran" is our responsibilities;"Product is root, the made is a king" is the development principle of company, let the customer make money, let the employee make money, let the company make money is the target of our the abyss of time.

We doubly cherish each customer, each order, each employee, each honor, persistence courageously enter, never speech hurt, cooperation total win, remember, my name call"Li Fan aluminum industry"!

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